Medicare and Seniors Health Insurance Information Program

SHIIP, the Seniors Health Insurance Information Program, is a FREE network carrier supplied by Richmond County Aging Services. We do no longer promote insurance. SHIIP turned into created through the North Carolina Department of Insurance to assist senior residents achieve loose and unbiased counseling on Medicare fitness care merchandise, and volunteers acquire specialized education on how to solution questions about Medicare.
SHIIP affords treasured statistics and counseling approximately Medicare and coverage-associated issues, such as:

  • Medicare
  • Medicare supplements
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare prescription drug plans
  • Long-time period care coverage
  • Other medical health insurance problem

Four Main Parts Of Medicare Infographic

Medicare and Seniors Health Insurance Information Program
Main Parts Of Medicare Infographic

Medicare Plan Finder
You have the option to complete a widespread or personalized plan search. A personalized seek can also provide you with more accurate cost estimates and coverage information.
Do You Need Help Paying for Your Medicare Prescription Medications?

If have confined income and assets, you may qualify for Extra Help, a federal low-profits subsidy, to assist pay your prescription drug costs. Receiving this assist will not change your month-to-month Social Security benefits. (This software isn’t always to be had to Medicaid recipients).
Key Takeaways

  • State Health Insurance Assistance Programs (SHIPs) offer loose and impartial insurance counseling and assistance to Medicare-eligible people, their households, and caregivers.
  • SHIP counselors are relatively educated and certified to help you recognize Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare prescription drug insurance, supplemental insurance options (Medigap), and lengthy-term care coverage.
  • As needed, they can also refer you to companies inclusive of the Social Security

Here’s what you need to know about SHIPs:
SHIP counselors can offer personalized assistance with your Medicare coverage.
Counselors provide one-on-one assistance:

  • Reviewing your health and/or prescription drug options, Learning approximately help packages that might help with your out-of-pocket Medicare charges,
  • Understanding Medicare fundamentals, which include eligibility hints,
  • Navigating Medicare coverage and payment, and
  • Ensuring your rights are included below Medicare.
  • SHIP offerings are presented for gratis to you.

SHIP records and assistance is absolutely free and could never cost you a penny. SHIPs nationally are funded in part via the Administration for Community Living, Office of Healthcare Information and Counseling.

  • SHIP counselors aren’t promoting something.

SHIP counselors are exceedingly trained and authorized to offer free, in-intensity, impartial, one-on-one medical health insurance counseling and help to Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers. They are not selling coverage plans and do no longer provide enrollment offerings.

  • No be counted in which you’re within the US, there’s a SHIP for you.

SHIPs are to be had to you in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, DC, and the USA Virgin Islands. Visit the SHIP website to find one close to you or name the SHIP National Technical Assistance Center toll loose at 877-839-2675.

Benefits provided
Prescription drugs
Prescription pills indexed within the Alberta Drug Benefit List are protected. The co-payment is 30% to a most of $25. A co-payment is the part of the prescription cost you pay to your pharmacy when you have your prescription filled. For most prescriptions, you’ll not pay more than $25 for each prescription.

  • Prescription tablets blanketed below the plan are indexed in the Alberta Drug Benefit List.

There are some cases when you would possibly should pay extra than the $25 co-payment maximum:

  • If your drug isn’t always listed within the Alberta Drug Benefit List, or
  • If you want a more luxurious emblem of drug than the least value opportunity or established product, or
  • If the emblem of drug you want charges extra than the most value set by the Alberta government for that drug.
  • To avoid surprises, ask your pharmacist approximately the price of your prescription before it’s miles crammed.

Diabetes resources
Plan individuals with diabetes will acquire insurance for diabetes materials bought from an authorized pharmacy, up to a maximum of $2,400 consistent with eligible individual depending on the approach of diabetes control. (Read the Coverage Maximums for Diabetes Supplies truth sheet (PDF, 76 KB)). This benefit might be for every benefit year, this is, July 1 to June 30. Eligible diabetes substances consist of take a look at strips, needles, syringes, and lancets.

There is no co-pay for eligible diabetes elements.

If you’re a low-earnings senior, study Special Needs Assistance for Seniors, when you have reached your diabetes materials limit for the benefit yr.

Ambulance services
Seniors, age 65 and over, enrolled within the Coverage for Seniors program do not receive a bill for ambulance services. AHCIP pays the entire value of ambulance services.

Ambulance offerings are included to the maximum charge mounted by means of the Alberta government for treatment, and transportation to and from a well-known, energetic treatment medical institution within the occasion of illness or damage.
Clinical mental offerings
Coverage for clinical psychological services are as much as $60 consistent with go to, to a most of $300 per family each advantage 12 months for treatment of intellectual or emotional illness with the aid of a registered chartered psychologist.

Home nursing care
Coverage for domestic nursing care is up to $two hundred in line with circle of relatives every benefit yr for nursing care supplied in the patient’s home by written order of a medical doctor. Home nursing care need to be provided through a registered nurse or certified practical nurse who is not a relative of the affected person.

Chiropractic services
Coverage for chiropractic offerings is as much as $25 in step with visit to a most of $2 hundred according to man or woman each gain year.

What isn’t included
The following aren’t included beneath the Coverage for Seniors software:

  • claims for gain fees incurred prior to the effective date of coverage
  • claims for benefit prices obtained through Alberta Blue Cross more than 365 days after the provider turned into supplied
  • offerings protected via the AHCIP
  • prices for tablets furnished without delay and charged for by using a physician, except for hypersensitivity serums
  • registration, admission or person charges charged by a clinic
  • drug merchandise no longer listed in the Alberta Drug Benefit List – ask your pharmacist or medical doctor in case your prescribed medicine is on this listing
  • semi-personal or private health center room
  • journey insurance for emergency medical institution and clinical fees outdoor of the province or u . S .

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